Richard Knight

My approach to investing draws heavily from my interests in technology and investment psychology. Changing technology helps us to understand how existing markets and business models may be disrupted, and new ones created, ever more rapidly. Psychology helps us understand how market prices can diverge so significantly from underlying value, as companies and themes fall in and out of favour, and as past performance tends to exert excessive influence on future expectations.

I joined AGI’s global graduate programme in late 2014 and have recently begun working with the European Media & Telecoms Equity Research team. I have a bachelor’s degree in History and Politics from Lincoln College, Oxford, and a Masters in Global Economic History from the London School of Economics.

Outside of investing, and very much following on from my academic studies, my chief interest is history. I feel at home exploring a medieval castle or a 17th century manor, and I perhaps enjoy too much (at least for my friends and colleagues!) talking about steam power in the Industrial Revolution or the decline of the Byzantine Navy.

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